3 Reasons Why Training Fails

Training is done with improvement and development in mind.

If it is done just for the sake of doing it, it is nothing more than wasted time, money, and effort. Do not fall into this trap. Only avail of training with specific objectives in mind. Most important of all, follow through. It is nothing without application and execution.

Training ≠ Attitude Adjustment

You don’t send people with potentially disruptive behavior to training hoping that it will change them.

It will not.

Of course, there are certain seminars or workshops that help people improve bad habits, but if it is not their choice then nothing will change. Forcing it will only bring resentment and ultimately, more disruption.

Why will it not do anything? Because change requires constant and conscious effort, something that people may not be willing to invest. Change requires hard work. And sometimes, even hard work hardly works.

Training only enhances what is already there. At it’s core, training only provides the trainees the tools. At the end of the day, what they do with these tools will depend entirely on to them.


And here is where training for the sake of learning becomes overly apparent. The Manager sends the Employees off to training but doesn’t permit them to apply what they have learned. The organization continues on as it has always been. The benefits, meanwhile are never brought out to light. Without application, the lessons stagnate and eventually become lost.

Waste. Waste. Waste.

Unclear Objectives

When you do something, be specific!

Identify an objective, focus on it, and make sure you do it well.

That’s how people become successful; they figure out what they want and work at it until completion. Companies and corporations have been doing it for years! Focus works and that is the bottom line.

The same goes for employees going in for training. The goals should be clear so that they could focus on the parts that meet the objectives. People will get more out of the session if they know what they are looking for.

Remember: You will learn more if you know what you don’t know.


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