April 3, 2017

About Us

exeQserve Corporation helps organizations build teams of high performing individuals.

We are an HR and Organization Development Solutions company that has been operating since 2007. As a strategic partner, we have helped our clients build high performing teams by providing three key HR Services:Recruitment, Training, and HROD Consulting.


exeQserve Training will work closely with you to identify your training needs. We tailor-fit our programs to ensure that your employees get exactly what they need. With our passion for fun balanced with our practical and skills-focused approach, we deliver training that is right for you.

exeQserve HROD Consulting does its best to understand your organization, its goals and aspirations, its current situation and identify the best solution to help enable and empower your employees to contribute to goal achievement. We design employment policies, incentive programs, perfomance management system, and other interventions to help you achieve organizational alignment.


Our people are committed to give value adding service through teamwork, customer intimacy, pursuit of excellence, creativity and resourcefulness, and fun.