Ambica International Corporation Team Building 2017 Facilitated by ExeQserve

ExeQserve had the privilege to facilitate this one day team building event for Ambica International Corporation last June, 2017 in Canyon Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas. Edwin Ebreo, the President of ExeQserve Corporation led the facilitation of the event together with the whole ExeQserve Team.

179 employees from different departments attended the team building event. The participants were divided into 10 teams. These teams went through a series of team building activity which helped them work together, coordinate with each other, trust and motivate one another to become high performing teams.

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Posted by R8G on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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“The whole purpose of a team building activity is to bring the entire company together. And this is people from different departments, people from different religions, different cultures, coming together for a greater cause which is to build cohesion within the company itself and to feel like we are all enablers in this company. Every single individual in this company, from a salesman to a business development officer to a logistics driver has a role to play. Not any greater, not any less significant. We should all feel that we are all part of an engine and at the end of the day, each and every single role or every item in an engine is what pushes the vehicle forward. And that’s the vehicle. We’re Ambica. And going forward, I’m looking forward to a lot of growth and I’m very happy that I’ve been welcomed into this amazing, warm community of individuals and its inspiring, driven people.”
Hersh Abichandani, General Manager, Ambica International Corporation

Performance comes from confidence, confidence come from competence, competence come from repeated performance of desired practices.

Teams succeed because members develop an empowered thinking. That lead to creative confidence. This creative confidence helps produce quality collaborations that lead to better systems and processes. The quality of communication helps in clarifying roles, rules and accountabilities. It’s a continuing process of learning that makes teams better.

ExeQserve, an HR consulting and training service provider operating in Manila, offers programs that help team members learn together and build the necessary confidence to work together towards a common goal.

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