ExeQserve Training

Increase Employee Productivity by Improving Personal Mastery

  ExeQserve’s road map for Personal Mastery.   While management plays a large part in employee engagement, there is one factor that we often fail to consider and that is their need to improve self-regulation. Employees fail to apply themselves fully due to following hindering factors: Lack of self awareness Poor self-control Low motivation Low Read more about Increase Employee Productivity by Improving Personal Mastery[…]


We are Growing and We Need You!

ExeQserve Corporation is growing and is currently in need for a new Training Associate. We need someone with the following qualifications: Fresh Graduate or Graduate of any four year course Hard working! Pleasing personality With above average oral and written communication skills We need someone who is capable of: Producing information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, Read more about We are Growing and We Need You![…]


Strategic Training and Development Planning

By: Edwin Ebreo Most training plans I’ve seen are products of training needs surveys; hence most of them are basically lists of training programs to be run one after another. What is wrong with that picture? Whether or not you identified the right programs to run and identified the best trainer to run it, there Read more about Strategic Training and Development Planning[...]