Competency-based Learning & Development Workshop

ExeQserve Team started the year right with this 2-day Competency-based Learning & Development Workshop last January 8-9 at Holiday Inn & Suites, Makati which was facilitated by ExeQserve’s President & Founder, Ed Ebreo.

During the 2-day session which was attended by 27 HR and Learning & Development Managers, the participants learned how to deeply appreciate the concepts behind the competency-based learning & Development.

Building competencies is not just about sending people to, or attending training. It should also answer the question “why?”.

This workshop helped learners identify and take into consideration the actions that they will be taking in the future when it comes to training.

The tools given (competency templates, tables, and evaluation tools) were a big help in evaluating, validating, and plotting their needed competencies as well.

This highly interactive workshop was specifically tailored to aid those who must design, develop, and implement competencies and competency framework systems within their organization to help employees map their professional development and structure plans and strategies for competency building through learning & development.

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