Conversation on Managing Learning and Development

By Edwin C. Ebreo

If you are a Learning and Development Manager or an HR Manager in charge of strategizing, planning, and implementing the learning and development of people in your organization, I invite you to sit down with me and peers in the field to talk about the issues surrounding our role and what we can do to succeed.  We’re holding a FREE learning conversation on November 27 at 1:00 PM, at the RCBC Plaza.  You might be wondering why just managers? How about the officers, the specialists and the assistants? Well, the answer is for practical reasons. First, we’re looking at a maximum of 50 participants, second we want to talk to people who have the power to change their company’s policy on training and are capable of deciding on their strategies on learning and development.  Also because this is a learning conversation, we are inviting people who have considerable experience in Learning and Development who can contribute to the learning conversation. After all, it is a learning conversation.

So, what is it about? For the last 10 years, ExeQserve consultants have worked L&D Managers from various organizations. 10 years before that, I was either and L&D Manager or an HR Manager also in charge of training.  The challenge is this; I observed that many of the interventions are not working. This is happening amidst increasing expectations from bosses to get return on their learning investment and a lot of frustration about how those expectations are not being met.  Do you feel that way too? We need to talk.

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What can we talk about? We can talk about these challenges that we are facing. I’d like to share my observation about how training is managed wrongly even at some of the biggest organizations with the biggest training budgets.  I want to discuss what kind of paradigm shift is needed, how  we need to start to go for learning rather than training. Believe me, that paradigm shift has enormous effect on how we approach our role.  I also want to have  a conversation about the new realities in the workplace that make people distracted and impatient about the traditional learning interventions and how we can address these new realities.

I also would like to offer solutions. Here’s how the free session will go.

  1. Key Note: The New Challenges of Learning and Development
    1. High expectations, little time
    2. Training as a tick box
    3. Dealing with the distracted and disengaged learner
  2. Making a Difference in L&D
    1. Paradigm Shifting L&D
    2. Building a Coalition for Learning
    3. Making the 70-20-10 happen
    4. L&D Management Strategic tools for success
  3. Rethinking Learning
    1. Gamifying Learning
    2. Going techie with learning – Exploring E-Learning and Learning Management Systems
    3. World Café on L&D Experiences and Practices

I’m also sharing some templates and tools on learning and development, learning contracts, and 4-level learning evaluation tools.

Going? Register HERE. Please wait for our confirmation about your registration.