June 13, 2017

Our Experts: Edwin C. Ebreo


Ed Ebreo one of ExeQserve’s Experts! He is the president and founder of ExeQserve corporation and has 25 yrs of experience in HR Development and Management which helps Ed appreciate organizations and people from various industries and help them achieve their full potential through training and other HR-related interventions.

Ed has come a long way from his humble beginnings doing odd jobs beginning 1989 as bus boy, dish washer, waiter, production assistant, sidewalk vendor and water purifier salesman.

Breaks started coming when he joined Philippine Seven Corporation (7-Eleven) in 1991 as a store clerk assigned to 7-Eleven Boni Branch. He moved to the Human Resources Department as a Training Assistant after serving the store for three years. This move introduced Ed to computers which he had a chance to use for the first time in 1994 and eventually come to be very passionate with. He also came at a time when the only training conducted by HR was New Employee Training and Store Operations Training for Team Leads and Supervisors. Other Courses Like Supervisory Training was outsourced to Training Consultants. After sitting in training conducted by Consultants, Ed thought that it would be a great opportunity to hone his skills if he will be allowed to design and conduct similar programs. He is very thankful to his Boss, Paz De Vera for her confidence in giving a relatively inexperienced trainer like Ed the chance to design and conduct a Basic Supervisory Course together with the other trainers. That gave Ed the courage to pursue self development in this field by taking trainer’s training courses and reading heavily on leadership and training related topics which gave him the additional skills to design new courses as Team Leadership, Customer Service and Team building Workshops.

In 2006, Ed’s reputation in the consulting arena started to get noticed. He decided to concentrate on freelance consulting. This paved the way for him to serve more organizations in various HR-related undertakings from training to general HR consulting.

In 2007, Ed established ExeQserve Corporation, an HR Consulting company in partnership with a number of friends. Today ExeQserve is serving companies in various industries with their, recruitment, training and other HR needs. CheQ Systems, a software testing company, outsourced their entire HR operations to ExeQserve. They help them hire software quality engineers, manage their HR affairs, training and helped establish an employee retention strategy amidst tough competition for talents in the IT industry.

Ed took up Mass Communication in New Era University and has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of Human Resource Management and Development Works. He has served as a consultant for organizations like Harry Pound Co., Optimus Innovations, Asiapro Cooperative, and Bridgeworth Consulting where he participated in Australia Aid-Philippines-Australia Human Resource Development Facility (AUSAID-PAHRDF) funded human resources development projects.

Ed is very passionate about three things at the moment; Strategic Human Resource Management and Development, Teamwork and Communication through Toastmasters.

  • Leadership & Management
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resource Development
  • Personal Mastery
  • Immediate Past VP for Marketing, Philippine Society for Training and Development
  • PAHRODF-accredited HR consultant
  • Member, Toastmasters International

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