Increase Employee Productivity by Improving Personal Mastery


Personal MasteryExeQserve’s road map for Personal Mastery.


While management plays a large part in employee engagement, there is one factor that we often fail to consider and that is their need to improve self-regulation. Employees fail to apply themselves fully due to following hindering factors:

Lack of self awareness

Poor self-control

Low motivation

Low social awareness

Poor relationship management skills


The above personal issues can be major stumbling blocks to building the necessary confidence and competence to be at their best.

Fortunately, these factors are not personality-driven. They are skills that can be developed and strengthened. We at ExeQserve developed a series to address these hindrances and liberate your team from their self-imposed limitations so they can increase their productivity.


As sure as personal mastery cannot be achieved overnight, we stringed together this series as modularized programs that can be conducted either continuously or through a period of time to avoid information overload and encourage immediate application at work.



ExeQserve’s Personal Mastery Series Program includes:

Improving Emotional Intelligence

By the end of this highly interactive ½ day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of using Emotional Intelligence
  • Create an environment for productive work relationships
  • Use a model to guide one’s responses to difficult and challenging situations
  • Have the opportunity to practice applying tools and skills through individual and group exercises
  • Promote trust and motivation

Communication Essentials

This 1-day workshop will help you become a better all-round communicator by addressing these areas of communication:

  • Explain the Basics of Effective Communication
  • Appreciate Others through their thinking preferences
  • The role of Empathy in communication
  • Communicate to Influence (through various channels)

Well-being and Resilience

By the end of this highly interactive 1 day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what Well-being and Resilience are
  • Explain what the Studies and Research have shown to support the promotion of wellbeing in personal, professional and socio-economic aspects of life
  • Discuss the 5 Elements of Well being
  • Get 5 Ways to Cultivate Well being using Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model
  • Generate good functioning, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues
  • Tools and practices to help develop positive well-being and resilience
  • Create a personal masterplan to achieve greater wellbeing at home and at work

Change Agility

By the end of this highly interactive ½ day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why personal and organizational change is difficult
  • Determine your personal tolerance for ambiguity
  • Acquire a model for understanding and communicating what change really is
  • Determine what you can do to effect and accept change more smoothly
  • Build your own personal resilience

Problem Solving

This ½ day workshop will provide you with the basic but essential steps in solving a problem:

  •   Defining the problem
  •   Problem solving tools and techniques
  •   Generating alternatives
  •   Evaluating and selecting alternatives
  •   Implementing solutions.

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