On the Subject of Employee Engagement.

Every employee has had their fair share of office horror stories. The “We need to talk”, the HR audit, the micromanager, and the dreaded annual appraisal. These things have been the fear of many an employee since time immemorial. Sometimes, there’s nothing to be afraid of, if you’re performing well, that is. But what if you’re not exactly a high-performing asset? Not a spark of engagement in your performance? What then? What went wrong?

Sometimes it’s just a case of the wrong fit. Remember: Right person for the right job.

But sometimes, management may have something to do with it.

The old model of running a business is slowly going out of style. These days, it’s all about involvement and personal connections. Why? Because whatever situation you are in, people won’t remember what you told them, only what you made them feel. We are creatures of emotion. And it is about time we take that into consideration.

Managers and supervisors, stop treating your subordinates like machines that need a bit of a kick every once in a while. Your employees are complex people and no amount of manipulation or scare-tactics will make them perform as you like. They have lives outside of work and personal needs that have to be met. Of course, the bottom-line is a very important facet of the business, but a long-term investment is more important than short-term gains.

What does “long-term investment” mean, exactly? First, let us take a look at this piece of information: Several studies have shown that a happy employee is a productive employee. When an employee feels a connection to the company, s/he will operate at a high level of efficiency.

What does this mean for companies? How can one incorporate this into the business plan?

Put simply, it is all about focusing on the employee and making sure that they are satisfied (within reason, of course). It is making sure that they grow alongside the company. It is taking the time, effort, and resources to develop them in a holistic way. There is no easy way around it, but if done right, you’re going to end up with loyal and highly productive people dedicated to the growth of your business.

Isn’t that what every business owner dreams of?

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