Why Do Organizations Strive for Happier and More Engaged Employees?

Why do organizations strive for happier, more engaged employees?

There has been a multitude of extensive research and studies on why Employee Engagement is important but HR practitioners and business leaders are perplexed that despite Happy Fridays and other gimmicks instituted in the workplace, people are still disengaged and are clawing their way to performance and productivity. They fail to understand the broader concept of what get employees engaged and what truly matter. 
Highly engaged organizations report 37% lower absenteeism,

21% higher productivity,

45% lower employee turnover,

10% increase in customer satisfaction ratings,

48% fewer safety incidents,

22% increase in profitability,

and a whopping 56% boost in creativity and innovation.

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A finalist to the HRM Singapore HR Leader Award, Beng Ang Cortes, is a highly experienced HR professional with both generalist and specialist experiences. She was also the Regional Head for Talent & Leadership Development based as an expat in Fonterra Brands Singapore for 10 years. Beng has over 20 years of both generalist and specialist experiences, gained from mostly MNCs.

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