The Power of Training Follow through

By Edwin C. Ebreo

Yesterday,  I had the opportunity to see Snapworx, one of ExeQserve’s long-time client,  follow through on their learning from our High Performance Leadership Training on July 11, 12 and 14.  I attended their town hall meeting to witness the management team present their newly-minted Vision, Mission, and Core Values. The team leaders also presented their Leadership Development Projects. It was very exciting to see the learners present their projects in more details and report that they are in progress. I look forward to being invited again to the completion of their projects.

Having a training re-entry action plan helps the learners bridge the learning from the classroom to the workplace. It gives them a sense of mission during the training and extend their learning to their projects.

Learning must not begin and end in the classroom. A well designed program allows learners to use the lessons immediately to their work and impact their organization. At exeQserve, we partner with our clients by offering them this feature in our programs. Not all of them take the full feature like Snapworx. We invite you to partner with us and together plan programs that create immediate impact to your organization.

I congratulate Snapworx leadership for following through on their learning. I also congratulate them for their inspiring mission, vision and core values statement, and I look forward to  more success from them as they celebrate their 10th year!