October 18, 2017

Competency-based Performance Management Strategy

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Organizations need to devise means to influence and channel the behaviors of their employees so as to optimize their contributions

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The mindset of global companies about Performance Management is changing. In its October 2016 article, “The Performance Management Revolution, Harvard Business Review reported that companies Adobe, Junifer Systems, Dell, Microsoft, Delloitte, Accenture and PwC, among others dumped their annual performance reviews and restructured their performance management system to allow for more frequent feedback and performance conversations.  Some of these companies have already reported positive outcomes due to the changes they made.

It’s about time we rethink our own way of managing employee performance. If you wish to continue doing annual performance appraisals, know that it is not enough to promote and sustain high performance.

All organizations face the challenge of directing the energies of their employees to the task of achieving organizational goals and objectives. In doing so, organizations need to devise means to influence and channel the behaviors of their employees so as to optimize their contributions. Performance management constitutes one of the major management tools employed in this process. This is based on the premise that an individual’s performance in a job is improved by having definite goals, feedback about their performance, and is complemented by an appropriate recognition and reward system.

‘exeQserve’, an HR  and Training Consulting company that operates in the Philippines, offers  the participants a clear view of what performance management is all about and how to utilize it in achieving organizational objectives. At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to participate in the design and implementation of a performance management system that includes the following elements:

  • Policy Design and implementation mechanisms
  • Performance goal setting mechanisms (KRA, KPI, Competencies)
  • Performance Monitoring techniques
  • Developing employee’s competencies through training and coaching
  • Appraising performance (Optional)
  • Rewarding and recognizing performance.

Competency-based Performance Management Strategy Workshop Objectives

At the end of the session, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • Describe the requirements for the successful implementation of a performance management system.
  • Explain the role of HR/Management in the effective Implementation of a Performance Management System
  • Enumerate the components of a holistic Competency-based Performance Management System
  • Identify and explain the steps in the effective implementation of a performance management system

Value-adding Takeaways

The participants will also take home the following customizeable tools for implementing a competency-based performance management system:

  • Template Performance Management Policy
  • Competency-based performance review tools
  • Sample performance scorecards
  • Individual Development Plan template
  • Competency table templates

Who Should Attend:

HR/OD Managers and others in charge of developing and implementing an effective competency-based Performance Management System


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Process Objectives Time Activities
30 Minutes Opening Activities
  • Define Performance Management
  • Describe the importance of managing performance in contributing
    to the achievement of organizational goals.
1 Hour Overview of Performance Management

  • Introduction of the Performance Management Concept
  • Breaking traditional assumptions about performance
  • The Roles of Organizational Leaders as Performance Managers
  • The new global mindset on performance management
  • Describe the requirements for the successful implementation
    of a competency-based performance management system.
2 Hours Designing the System

  • Creating the Policy
  • Change management and enablement of the people involved.
  • Score Cards and Competencies
  • Enumerate Activities involved in Planning Performance
  • Explain how to develop scoreboards
  • Explain the use of Competencies to describe behavioral expectations
2 Hours Planning Performance

  • Aligning Individual and Departmental Objectives with Organizational Objectives
  • KRA, KPI and KPOs
  • Clarifying behavioral expectations through use of competency models
  • Seeking Understanding, Acceptance and Commitment
  • Enumerate the activities involved in monitoring performance
2 Hours Performance Monitoring

  • Measuring Performance based on standard
  • Setting up a Performance Monitoring System
  • Identifying Performance Gaps
  • Setting up a performance feedback system
  • Identify ways to help employees improve their performance
2 Hours Developing the Employees Capacity to Perform

  • Various Activities Involved in Addressing Performance Gaps
  • Training as an important tool for improving performance
  • Leaders’ role in ensuring success of training
Process Objectives Time Activities
  • Identify ways to help employees improve their performance
3 Hours
  • Coaching as an effective tool for improving performance
  • Understanding the Coaching Mindset
  • Establishing an environment that is ideal for coaching
  • Offering constructive feedback
  • Go through the steps of appraising performance
  • Pursue continuous performance improvement through
    the performance
3 Hours Appraising Performance

  • Other Options to annual appraisals
  • Performance Appraisal – Doing it right
  • Guidelines for conducting performance appraisal discussion
  • Setting Developmental Action plan to address performance gaps
  • Use rewards and recognition to continuously motivate
    employees to perform
1 Hour Rewarding and Recognizing Good Perforomance

  • Impact of Rewards and Recognition
  • Establishing a rewards and recognition program
  • Individual Vs. Team-based reward
  • Various Tactics for recognizing good performance
  • Set Action plans to apply learning in the workplace
1 Hour
  • Re-entry action planning.

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