October 18, 2017

Fundamentals of Supervision

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High performance teams are capable of delivering results; the individual members are accountable and committed to goals and strategies.

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Investing in the development of leaders is the best investment an organization can make. Leaders fulfill key responsibilities that could spell the difference between success and failure. It is therefore critical that they are equipped with the right set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits (K.A.S.H.) to carry out the responsibility of mapping the organization’s future, developing strategies to get the organization there and actually making it happen. These are seldom done through sheer leadership talents. Leaders whether they are called team leads, supervisors or managers need to acquire these K.A.S.H. through an appropriate training interventions and their deliberate effort to enrich their cache of leadership and management tools through continuing personal development.

This Fundamentals of Supervision Training is designed to help the supervisors and managers assess their own mindsets and adjust accordingly to the NEW leadership paradigms. It will also equip them with the basic management tools like planning, organizing, leading and controlling and communicating. It is also designed for them appreciate not only their roles as leaders but more so the dynamics of teams and what they need to do to encourage teamwork. The workshop also contain tools for coaching that they can use to capitalize on the strengths of their team members and work on their areas for improvement.

This program utilizes learning games, role plays and case studies for deeper impact. At the end of each session, the participants will be asked to commit to a forward agenda to put learning to action.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop, the learners would be able to:

  • Shift mindset from worker to leader and from boss to leader
  • Describe the process in building teamwork
  • Identify the basic management tools (P.O.L.C.)
  • Use communication as an important leadership tool
  • Align actions with organizational values
Time Activity Objective


  • Opening Remarks
  • House Rules
  • Leveling of Expectations
  • Ice Breaker
  • Know the course organization and apply house rules

Module 1: Transitioning to Leadership Role

  • From Doer to Leader
  • From Boss to Leader
  • Key Responsibilities of a Leader
  • To the Team
  • To the indvidual Members
  • To the Organization
  • Key Leadership Compentencies and Qualities
  • Overcoming Roadblocks to effective Leadership
  • Shift Mindset from worker to leader

Module 2: Understanding How Teams Work

  • Understanding what a team is
  • 5 Stages of Team Development
  • Building Blocks of Team Effectiveness
  • Describe the process in building teamwork

Module 3: Supervisory and Management Tools

  • Planning
    • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
    • Programming and Scheduling
    • Action Planning
  • Leading
    • Various Leadership Styles
    • Situational Leadership
    • Managerial Grid
    • Motivating
  • Organizing
    • Appreciating Structures
    • Delegating and empowering
  • Controlling
    • Managing employee performance
    • Coaching to improve performance
    • Maintaining Discipline in the workplace
  • Describe basic supervisory and management tools

Module 4: Communicating with your team

  • Basic Principles of Communication
  • The Communication Process
  • THe Leader as a Listener
  • Communicating to deal with conflicts in teams
  • Use communication as an important leadership tool


  • Closing Remarks
  • Recap


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