October 18, 2017

Superior Sales Planning and Leads Generation

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Without planning, lead generation would be inefficient at best and downright ineffective at worst.

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Planning is one of the most important activities for any professional. Planning prevents us from wasting a lot of time, money and resources in carrying out our work. Sadly, however, this activity seems to be ignored by many sales people. The result of this is mediocre or even poor sales performance.

Planning is also essential in lead generation or prospecting activities. Without planning, lead generation would be inefficient at best and downright ineffective at worst. This has been the downfall of many first- time sales people.

Our “Superior Sales Planning and Lead Generation” training program will give participants the opportunity to discover their true goals and create actual plans to make said goals a reality. This unconventionally fun course will help participants create superior plans by providing them with patented and easy-to- use tools and methods to develop practical lead-generating activities necessary for their sales success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your sales people into superior sales professionals.

Superior Sales Planning and Leads Generation Workshop Objectives

Participants of this program will learn to:

  • Discover your purpose for planning
  • Manage the paradigms that bar you from succeeding
  • Discuss the GROW Model and its role in the sales planning
  • Establish SMART goals and objectives for your plan
  • Identify the things that will help you hit your goals as well as the things that will hinder you from getting your goals
  • Utilize your creative and critical thinking to help you explore your options and find solutions to generating leads
  • Complete a Lead Generation Report that will form the basis of your daily sales activities

Module 1: Things You Should Know before Planning

  • Activity: The Eulogy
  • Reflection: What is your personal mission in life?
  • Reflection: What do you want to achieve?
  • Reflection: How do you intend to get there?
  • Reflection: How will selling help you get there?
  • Activity: Challenge of the Triangles
  • Discussion: Barriers to Success
  • Activity: Manage the Paradigms
  • Concept: Managing Paradigms
  • Activity: Card Sorting
  • Concept: The GROW Model

Module 2: Establishing Your Personal Goals and Objectives

  • Activity: Find the Goal
  • Discussion: Goals are…
  • Activity: Find the Terminal Objective
  • Discussion: Goals vs. Objectives vs. Forecasts
  • Concept: SMART Goals
  • Activity: SMART or Not
  • Activity: Establish Your Sales Goals and Objectives

Module 3: Identifying Your Reality

  • Activity: Trick Questions
  • Discussion: How do you observe?
  • Video: Observation Test
  • Concept: Tips to Proper Observation
  • Activity: Identify Your Helps and Hindrances

Module 4: Exploring Your Options

  • Activity: Functional Candy Builders
  • Concept: Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Concept: The Four Personalities of Planning
  • Activity: Explore Your Options

Module 5: Developing Your Way Forward

  • Discussion: Managing the Input Instead of the Output
  • Activity:
  • Concept: Proactive Thinking
  • Activity: Make Your Action Plan


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