October 18, 2017

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With the onset of this new age of information, we have witnessed the rise of a more informed, more opinionated and more empowered marketplace.

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3888 PHP + VAT

4888 PHP + VAT

What does being a sales person mean today? Not too long ago, being a sales person meant persistence and the ability to push a product to a market that, more or less, trusted the sales person. Not anymore!

With the onset of this new age of information, we have witnessed the rise of a more informed, more opinionated and more empowered marketplace. Because of this, it’s easier for consumers today to verify product claims and seek out your competitors. They are, now, less trusting of sales people and prefer to research your product or service online. Some may even know more about the product or service than the sales person. In this type of market, persistence and push are no longer enough. We need to become superior sales professionals.

“The Superior Sales Professional” training course is a fun and unique program that provides sales people with a new understanding of their chosen craft as well as tools and concepts to enhance their existing skills to make sure they are ready to face today’s demanding market. This highly interactive course not only adds on to their learning, but digs deep into their own reasons for selling.

If you’re looking to make the leap from stagnant sales person to true sales professional, “The Superior Sales Professional” is the course for you.

The Superior Sales Professional Workshop Objectives

At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize their purpose in becoming sales professionals
  • Gain a deep respect for the selling profession
  • Recognize the different concepts of modern selling in their work
  • Identify the issues that keep them from performing consistently well in sales
  • Utilize ExeQserve’s patented branding concepts to create their superior sales brand
  • Identify their communication shortcomings thru use of the CARE Model
  • Utilize questions to effectively gather information from their clients and get their clients’ commitments
  • Present their product or service more effectively by using the AIDA and FAB methods
  • Develop a win-win mindset when negotiating with their clients

Module 1: Being a Superior Sales Professional

  • Reflection: Why did I become a sales person?
  • Discussion: Your Personal Purpose for Selling
  • Discussion: What do I know about my job?
  • Reflection: What is the difference between a sales-person and a sales- professional?
  • Concept: Being a Sales Professional

Module 2: Modern Selling Concepts and Challenges

  • Reflection: What has changed in selling today?
  • Activity: Team Sales Crossword Puzzle
  • Concept: The Customer Ladder
  • Concept: The Modern Sales Cycle
  • Concept: The Buying Decision Process
  • Reflection: What keeps us from being Superior Sales Professionals?
  • Activity: The Mouse and the Maze
  • Discussion: Our Barriers to Selling
  • Activity: Transforming Sales Paradigms
  • Concept: Managing Sales Paradigms

Module 3: Your Superior Selling Brand

  • Activity: Brand Finder
  • Discussion: What is a brand?
  • Concept: The 7 Cs of Branding
  • Activity: A Symbol of Me
  • Activity: Identify the Personal Brand
  • Discussion: What is personal branding? What is Superior Personal Branding?
  • Activity: Create Your Superior Brand Statement
  • Discussion: What is brand identity?
  • Concept: The CREST Model for Superior Brand Identity
  • Activity: Create and Discuss Your Superior Brand Identity

Module 4: Superior Sales Communication and Presentation

  • Activity: Communication Preferences Inventory
  • Concepts: Communication Preferences:
    • Internal Preferences
    • Social Preferences
  • Activity: Getting It Right
  • Concept: The Active Communication Cycle (The CARE Model)
  • Activity: The Interview
  • Concept: Using Questions Effectively
    • Open-Ended Questions
    • Close-Ended Questions
  • Concept: The FAB Analysis
  • Concept: The AIDA Method of Presenting Your Product or Service
  • Activity: Sell a Participant Using AIDA

Module 5: Having a Win-Win Mindset When Negotiating

  • Activity: A Dilemma of Musical Choices
  • Discussion: What is win-win negotiation?
  • Concept: The Collaborative Negotiation Process

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