ExeQserve Facilitated a Strategic Thinking Training for RSCI

Managers and supervisors of Rustan Supercenter’s Inc. attended a 2-day Strategic Thinking Workshop held last March and May. They were divided into 2 batches, both of which were facilitated by Edwin Ebreo, President and Founder of ExeQserve Corporation, one of the leading training services provider in the Philippines.

As RSCI aims to equip its leaders with the knowledge and tools that they need to take on their strategic roles, ExeQserve will be conducting more of this workshop in the coming months.

After attending the workshop, the participants learned the different behaviors that demonstrate strategic thinking. They also learned how to properly conduct a SWOT analysis and how to draw a causal loop. Mr Edwin Ebreo also walked the participants through the different techniques on creating a SMART objective.

They created a re-entry action plan at the end of the workshop which allowed the participants to identify initiatives to put learning into action.

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