Improve Communication to Improve Performance

It’s amazing how much money is spent on strategy, process improvements and technology and not a lot on the one thing that can render all of them useless – Communication. I’m not just talking about communication skills here, although it’s part. This is about building an environment and culture that encourages, no, require open communication. Read more about Improve Communication to Improve Performance[…]

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The Benefits of Being Assertive

By: Edwin Ebreo I always talk about this with my daughters. I encourage them to be assertive in their communications because assertive people posses distinct advantage over those who Are not. I see evidence of it everyday. Assertive people get to go after what they want and because they do, they are most likely to Read more about The Benefits of Being Assertive[...]

Assertive Communication Training for Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. (RDFS)

ExeQserve Corporation, one of the leading training services provider in the Philippines had the opportunity to run 3 batches of Assertive Communication Training for one of our clients, Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. These workshops were held in Makati and Subic The learning events were conducted from June to July and were facilitated by Gege Sugue, a distinguished toastmaster Read more about Assertive Communication Training for Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. (RDFS)[…]