Improve Communication to Improve Performance

It’s amazing how much money is spent on strategy, process improvements and technology and not a lot on the one thing that can render all of them useless – Communication. I’m not just talking about communication skills here, although it’s part. This is about building an environment and culture that encourages, no, require open communication. Read more about Improve Communication to Improve Performance[…]

team building

Team Building: What It’s All About

Team building activities are all the rage nowadays. It seems like every company hosts one every year. But what is it exactly? Do you just play games and do some socializing? Is it a company-paid vacation? People are seeing the value of a well-oiled organization and slowly, these activities are becoming yearly staples for companies Read more about Team Building: What It’s All About[…]


Team Building. More fun in the Philippines!

HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS are competitive. They don’t back down on challenges. They surge forward, step up to the challenges and succeed. ExeQserve is an HR consulting company based in the Philippines that offers customized team building. A common sense of purpose, a clear set of rules of engagement and acceptance of the people who compose the team is Read more about Team Building. More fun in the Philippines![…]