ExeQserve Facilitated a Competency-based Interviewing Workshop for PEMC

Yet another training was facilitated for our client, Philippine Electric Market Corporation (PEMC) last December 1, 2017 entitled, Competency-based Interviewing. The learning event was facilitated by Edwin Ebreo, a highly experienced HR and OD consultant and also ExeQserve’s President and Founder. Competency-based Interviewing aims for participants to know the proper way of scanning resume and Read more about ExeQserve Facilitated a Competency-based Interviewing Workshop for PEMC[…]


Improve Communication to Improve Performance

It’s amazing how much money is spent on strategy, process improvements and technology and not a lot on the one thing that can render all of them useless – Communication. I’m not just talking about communication skills here, although it’s part. This is about building an environment and culture that encourages, no, require open communication. Read more about Improve Communication to Improve Performance[…]


Team ExeQserve Goes to Dumaguete!

We had a blast starting our October in Dumaguete with this 2-day Basic Supervisory Skills Development Workshop that we facilitated for our client, Student Universe. The workshop was held in Manhattan Suites Inn, Dumaguete last September 30 to October 1. ExeQserve’s very own President and Founder, Edwin Ebreo led the facilitation of the workshop. ExeQserve Read more about Team ExeQserve Goes to Dumaguete![…]


On the Subject of Employee Engagement.

Every employee has had their fair share of office horror stories. The “We need to talk”, the HR audit, the micromanager, and the dreaded annual appraisal. These things have been the fear of many an employee since time immemorial. Sometimes, there’s nothing to be afraid of, if you’re performing well, that is. But what if Read more about On the Subject of Employee Engagement.[…]


4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment Process

A lot of companies outsource a lot of their processes to other companies that specialize in handling those specific areas. Here are four reasons why you should outsource your recruitment process to the professionals: Reduced Recruiting Costs Why spend time, effort, and money on recruitment when you can just hire a company to do that Read more about 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment Process[…]

the right fit

The Benefits of Being Assertive

By: Edwin Ebreo I always talk about this with my daughters. I encourage them to be assertive in their communications because assertive people posses distinct advantage over those who Are not. I see evidence of it everyday. Assertive people get to go after what they want and because they do, they are most likely to Read more about The Benefits of Being Assertive[...]

Get Hired: Body Language Dos and Don’ts

Being in an interview can be a daunting task, there are a lot of things that you need to take in to consideration. What you wear, how you answer the questions, the words you will use in order to present yourself as the right fit for the job. But what a lot of applicants overlook Read more about Get Hired: Body Language Dos and Don’ts[…]


Team ExeQserve Facilitated Leadership Training for Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc.

ExeQserve, one of the leading training services provider in the Philippines, had recently conducted 3 batches of High Performance Leadership Training for one of our clients, Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc. or RDFS from the month of June to July which were held in Makati and Subic. Here’s an interview with one of the participants from Royal Duty Read more about Team ExeQserve Facilitated Leadership Training for Royal Duty Free Shops, Inc.[…]

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4 Tips for a winning Job Description!

It is no secret that a properly written job description is the first step towards organizational excellence. Not only does it explicitly spell out the responsibilities and expectations from a prospective employee, it also lays out what the employee can expect from the post. A basic job description has the following parts: A short paragraph Read more about 4 Tips for a winning Job Description![…]


We are Growing and We Need You!

ExeQserve Corporation is growing and is currently in need for a new Training Associate. We need someone with the following qualifications: Fresh Graduate or Graduate of any four year course Hard working! Pleasing personality With above average oral and written communication skills We need someone who is capable of: Producing information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, Read more about We are Growing and We Need You![…]