job description

3 Tips for a winning Job Description!

It is no secret that a properly written job description is the first step towards organizational excellence. Not only does it explicitly spell out the responsibilities and expectations from a prospective employee, it also lays out what the employee can expect from the post. A basic job description has the following parts: A short paragraph Read more about 3 Tips for a winning Job Description![…]

learning event

ExeQserve joins Philippine HR Group’s Learning Event

Team ExeQserve set up a booth at Philippine HR Group’s learning event, last June 24, 2017. The learning event entitled “Talent Management and Organizational Development” was attended by HR’s from all over the Metro and was held in Asian Institute of Management in Ayala, Makati City. One of the speakers during the Learning Session was Read more about ExeQserve joins Philippine HR Group’s Learning Event[…]


ExeQserve Celebrated Two Core Values through Lunch & Learn

Last week, ExeQserve celebrated two core values, Customer Intimacy and Flexibility, through another session of Lunch & Learn. Every month, the ExeQserve Team assigns one values champion who will campaign and remind everyone how important that specific core value is.   The event features two of the team’s favorite things in life: Food and Learning. Read more about ExeQserve Celebrated Two Core Values through Lunch & Learn[…]


Stress! No, wait! Overtraining!

Train the workforce! But not too much Training in the workplace is of the utmost importance. It exposes your employees to new ideas and new avenues of thought. Kind of like a computer or app update, it makes them better; more efficient. A lot of companies spend a lot of money in training, keeping their Read more about Stress! No, wait! Overtraining![…]