Vision-Mission-Values Crafting Workshop for PAPPI

As stated on 7 reasons Your Company Needs a Clear, Written Mission Statement by Glenn Smith- smart business owners use mission statement to remind their teams why their company exists because this is what makes the company successful. The mission statement serves as a “North Star” that keeps everyone clear on the direction of the organization. And as Andy Stanley says, “It’s your direction, not your intention that determines your destination.”

The ability to visualize and articulate a possible future state for an organization or company has always been a vital component of successful leadership. Visioning generates a common goal, hope, and encouragement; offers a possibility for fundamental change; gives people a sense of control; gives a group something to move toward; and generates creative thinking and passion. The famous book “Built to Last” by Jerry Porras and Jim Collins, said that many companies who stood the test of time have all these. The authors call them visionary companies. Visionary Companies however are not defined merely by the statements they post on the wall, they are defined by the way they live up to the company’s mission, vision and core values.

Last September 27, 2017, we helped the organizers of PAPPI or Philippine Association of Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Industry create their Vision-Mission and Core Values. This learning event was facilitated by Mr. Edwin Ebreo.

The aim of this program is to aid companies in crafting their set of statements and identify ways and means to live by it.

This program offers the following Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of vision, mission and values in aligning actions with organizational direction;
  • Review and align operational strategies to be consistent with the company’s vision and mission;
  • Identify opportunities for operationalizing the company’s mission;
  • Align individual behaviors and performance with the company’s  operating principles and values; and
  • Create a re-entry action plan that will help them put their learning to action.

Our company’s very own vision statement is to become a company of high performing individuals that provide quality HR services to various organizations globally, while our mission is, We are committed to providing outstanding services to help companies build teams of high performing individuals. These statements are constantly giving us a reminder on why we do what we do for over 10 years now.


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