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ExeQserve Facilitated a Strategic Thinking Training for RSCI

Managers and supervisors of Rustan Supercenter’s Inc. attended a 2-day Strategic Thinking Workshop held last March and May. They were divided into 2 batches, both of which were facilitated by Edwin Ebreo, President and Founder of ExeQserve Corporation, one of the leading training services provider in the Philippines. As RSCI aims to equip its leaders with Read more about ExeQserve Facilitated a Strategic Thinking Training for RSCI[…]


4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment Process

A lot of companies outsource a lot of their processes to other companies that specialize in handling those specific areas. Here are four reasons why you should outsource your recruitment process to the professionals: Reduced Recruiting Costs Why spend time, effort, and money on recruitment when you can just hire a company to do that Read more about 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment Process[…]

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The Benefits of Being Assertive

By: Edwin Ebreo I always talk about this with my daughters. I encourage them to be assertive in their communications because assertive people posses distinct advantage over those who Are not. I see evidence of it everyday. Assertive people get to go after what they want and because they do, they are most likely to Read more about The Benefits of Being Assertive[...]
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HR Strategy Planning

There is a direct relationship between organizational success and the quality of HR Work. Available for download in this post: Strategic HR Management Plan and Training Plan Template: The success of Human Resource Management is defined by its ability to create strategies that contribute to the achievement of organization’s goals and overall strategies. When HR fails Read more about HR Strategy Planning[…]