October 18, 2017

New Dynamics of Selling Training

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A newer and more informed type of client has emerged and we recognize that our current way of selling just won’t cut it anymore. You need a better Sales Training.

The game has changed. The market we once knew so well is steadily becoming unrecognizable. A newer and more informed type of client has emerged and we recognize that our current way of selling just won’t cut it anymore. To make matters worse, we realize that, despite the enormous change in the
market, the way we sell hasn’t changed much at all. We haven’t risen to address this new market.

It’s high time to change the way we sell!

“The New Dynamics of Selling” is a refreshing new  sales training course that addresses several critical selling issues (like customer-centricity, social selling and relationship-management) that most sales people have taken for granted. At the same time, this break-through training course takes into account the challenges of today’s market and presents solutions and tools to address these issues. This dynamic course answers the age-old question: “Why buy from me?”

If you want to make your client feel empowered in their decision yet compelled to buy from you, then this is your course. It may not be magic; but, it will certainly feel that way.

New Dynamics of Selling Workshop Objectives

At the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize their personal reasons for doing what they’re doing
  • Identify the barriers to selling and manage these barriers
  • Create effective lead-generating and prospecting activities
  • Effectively communicate and build rapport with their clients by creating trust
  • Profile their clients by utilizing MBTI personality traits as a basis
  • Analyze the situation by probing for the right information
  • Presenting the benefits of your product with impact and confidence
  • Properly handle objections and negotiate for win-win results
  • Gain agreement and close the sale

Resource Person: Enrique “Boom” San Agustin


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  1. Introduction
    1. Ground Rules
    2. Participant Expectations
    3. Activity: The Mouse and the Maze
    4. Course Roadmap
  2. Basic Sales Concepts
    1. The Customer Ladder
    2. The Modern Sales Cycle
    3. The Modern Buying Decision Process
  3. Modern Salesmanship Concepts
    1. Activity: Why did I become a sales person?
    2. Your Personal Purpose for Selling
    3. Sales Rep versus Sales Professional
    4. Activity: The Challenge of the Triangles
    5. Barriers to Selling
    6. Activity: Transforming Negatives
    7. Managing the Barriers to Selling
  4. Generating Leads and Prospecting
    1. Managing Input vs Managing Output
    2. Activity: Zombie Outbreak
    3. Proactive Thinking
    4. Activity: Developing Active Selling Activities
  5. Communicating with the Client (Communication Basics)
    1. Activity: Communication Preference Test
    2. Internal Preferences
    3. Social Preferences
    4. Activity: Getting It Right
    5. The Active Communication Cycle
  6. Profiling the client
    1. Introduction to MBTI | The 4 Dichotomies
    2. How We Gather Energy
  7. Activity: Two Questions
    • Extraversion vs Introversion
      • How We Process Information
  8. Activity: Abstract Art
    • Sensing vs Intuition
      • How we make decisions
  9. Activity: Are you really wearing that?
    • Thinking vs Feeling
      • How we structure our lives
  10. Activity: Split Decisions
    • Judging vs Perceiving
      • Communicating with different personalities
  11. Activity: How do we recognize each personality?
  12. Activity: How do we communicate with each personality?
    1. The WIP Analysis for Customer Profiling
    2. Activity: Profiling Role Play


  1. Building Rapport
    1. The Relationship Management Matrix
    2. Activity: Positive Spin
    3. The Trust Equation
  2. Conducting Effective Sales Probing and Situational Analysis
    1. Video: Observation Test
    2. Tips to Proper Observation
    3. Activity: True Lie
    4. Asking Effective Sales Questions
    5. Using Open Ended Questions
    6. The RAIN Method for Open Ended Questions
    7. Activity: The Interview
    8. The NEADS Analysis
    9. Activity: Role Play
  3. Presenting to Your Client
    1. Benefit Selling (Using FAB)
    2. Using AIDA in Presenting
    3. Giving Opinions and Recommendations (The SEE Model)
    4. Activity: Celebrities in Criminal Acts (Part-1)
  4. Negotiating for Win-Win Results
    1. Handling Objections
  5. Activity: Celebrities in Criminal Acts (Part-2)
  6. Analyzing Objections
  7. Responding to Objections
    1. The Negotiation Process
  8. Two Types of Negotiations
  9. The Three Phases of Negotiation
  10. Understanding the RADPAC Method of Persuasion
    1. The Win-Win Concept
  11. Activity: Breaking the Trend
  12. Win-Win and the Nash Equilibrium
  13. Understanding True Win-Win
    • Negotiation Tools
  14. ZOPA
  16. Activity: Case Studies (Taken from the company’s own experiences)
    • Your Style of Negotiating
  17. Activity: Negotiation Styles Test
  18. The Five Negotiation Styles
  19. Using the Five Negotiation Styles
  20. Gaining Agreement and Closing
    1. The Psychology of Closing
    2. Activity: Limited Vocabulary
    3. Using Close Ended Questions
    4. Tips to Gaining Agreement
    5. Activity: Role Plays
  21. Conclusion:
    1. Closing Remarks
    2. Giving of Certificates

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